It is a high privilege and honor when I am considered and asked to preach the Word of God.

Please review the following guidelines before considering me for your church, camp, retreat, or conference.

  • Preaching requests are generally vetted through the leadership of LifePointe Christian Church and may require a few weeks to respond.
  • Compensation is not expected or required. However, travel expenses are requested for both myself and my travel associate or wife. To protect my ministry, I always travel with an associate or my wife.
  • Asking me to preach means you understand my major doctrinal beliefs as articulated through my blog and statement of faith. 
  • I preach from the English Standard Version (ESV) of the Bible.

Upcoming Preaching Invitations

Christ Fellowship Church – August 2017

Previous Preaching Invitations

Blue Ridge Christian Camp (Senior High Week) – June 2017

York River District (UMC) Fall Retreat – November 2016

New Venture Christian Church – September 2016

Northside Christian Church (Middle School Retreat) – March 2016

Avalon Church of Christ (Spring Retreat) – April 2015