30 Days to Understanding the Bible: A Book Review

Max Anders’ makes the claim the he can aid the reader in understanding the Bible in only one month. At first I was skeptical, but then I completed his book 30 Days to Understanding the Bible. Anders’ task, concisely stated, is to give the reader an aerial view of Scripture. He describes his approach as the reader sitting in the window of an airplane and peering down at the mountain ranges of the Bible. In other words, the reader will have a large and broad understanding of Scripture.

Found: God’s Will (A Book Review)

I never expected someone to tell me that God’s will for my life is, “Do whatever you want!” (pg. 68). However, this is exactly what respected theologian and pastor John MacArthur posits in his concise, pocket-sized book Found: God’s Will. I failed to mentioned this autonomous freedom is prescribed as the sixth principle in discerning God’s will for your life. Also, the self-will granted by John MacArthur is only applicable if the first five principles are guiding and controlling your life. It is within these six principles (total) that MacArthur provides a biblical case in determining and understanding God’s will for your life. The following review will examine each principle in summary, following the book’s outline.

Day 5: The LILOE Devotional

Will your master say to you, “Well done good, and faithful servant?” Will you choose the life Jesus calls you to live, or will you chart your own course? In light of eternity, Jesus matters because He will say either “depart from me I never knew you,” or “well done, good and faithful servant.”

Day 4: The LILOE Devotional

JESUS MATTERS: PART I  “I and the Father are one.”  John 10:30  Surrounding Jesus, a group of impatient Jews pressed him to answer their inquiries. Some indicted him as demon possessed while others sought more religious or scientific explanations for his words and miracles. Jesus himself answered their question concerning his identity, “I and the…

Day 3: The LILOE Devotional

The call to love God with our everything comes from the reality that God loved us first with His everything. One of Jesus’ disciples understood this saying, “We love because He first loved us” (1 John 4:19). In light of eternity, God matters, and loving him with our everything matters the most because we exist in response to His first great love of creating us.

A Blueprint for the Bible

Structure is important for building furniture, and a blueprint is included from this Swedish home assembly furniture provider. Likewise, structure is essential to comprehending the Scripture and Anders’ book is that blueprint.

Day 2: The LILOE Devotional

The creator of the universe stands independent of His creation. In every way that we are, God is not only different but more perfect. God is perfect in character. I am not. God has no beginning or end, I have both. He is present everywhere while I am somewhere. Have you considered how grand our God is?