The LILOE Devotional

Now available on Amazon in both Kindle and print editions. 

Amazon Description:

The LILOE Devotional is a brand-new 30-day journey from first-time author Derek A. Nicksich. Thirty days of biblical truth, insight, and inspiration will bring a life-changing opportunity for you to experience the LILOE lifestyle. Pronounced (Lee-Low), this five letter acronym for “living in light of eternity” summarizes the truth that what we believe about tomorrow impacts our today. Each day includes Scripture, devotional thoughts, and practical suggestions for living today in light of our promised tomorrow. This insightful and practical devotional is a perfect daily read for any believer, new or old.

What people are saying (on Amazon) about The LILOE Devotional:

“As a Christian, sometimes it is easy to forget about the anticipated glory of Heaven and spending eternity with our risen Lord and Savior; however, Derek’s Living In Light Of Eternity challenges the reader to delve deeper into their spiritual well-being with 30 easy-to-read daily readings. Each day includes Scripture, a message from the author on the particular topic, and concludes with some challenges to the reader to apply that day’s thoughts to his/her life.”  

– Austin Putt

“If you are looking for a devotional that will refresh your faith in God and His purpose for you, this is it! If you are looking for a devotional that will make you feel this huge push to stand up and do what The Lord is calling us to do as His disciples, this is it!”

-Britani Stiltner

“This devotional is full of Scripture references. If God talks about it in the Bible, it matters! Living Life in Light of Eternity challenges us to look at Scripture to understand God’s purposes. There are practical applications and recommendations for further reading that lead you directly to the Word of God and not human sentiments. Well worth the investment.”

-Suzanne Day

“If you are searching for a clear and concise 30-day devotional journey, you have found it in Derek’s “LILOE Devotional.” Derek takes deep theological issues and breaks them down into succinct devotional passages, accompanied by supporting scriptures, that are easy to understand and digest. By the end of the 30-day journey, readers will have gained great perspective and insight about how to live the daily Christian life “In Light Of Eternity.”

Amazon Customer

“This devotional is the most inspirational devotional I’ve ever read. I have been struggling with finding God, knowing he’s there, and reaching out to him for guidance. I read this devotional, which is so easy to read11 and understand; and felt peace. I felt that God wanted me to read this to know that he was there. I love that he included “Act Now” and “Further Reflection” as the last thing you see on each day, it encourages you to dig deeper into God’s word. Thank you!”


The LILOE Devotional is available in both print and kindle editions.