Wednesday Wanderings

Another weekly edition of Wednesday Wanderings conveniently published on a Thursday. This blog posts seeks to corral various internet wanderings over the past week that have proven insightful, encouraging, and worthy of both time and reflection.

Help Me… Talk to My Students About Sex and Dating

My lovely wife and I will be answering questions from our student ministry next week regarding sex, dating, God, relationships, etc. This will conclude our three week series entitled “True Love: What God Thinks About Sex, Dating, and Me” and then we will eat tacos after the Q&A. Yes, I said tacos. With that being said, this particular post encouraged me on the DYM: Blog. Admittedly, I didn’t use a single resource, but at least finding the website proved encouraging! Be encouraged youth pastors, you are not alone. 

The Willis Clan Family Tragedy

Many people are familiar with the Willis family. I was not. Their story is one of tragedy, broken trust, and much needed healing. However, I am praising God for the place they find themselves currently. If you are a victim of abuse, know that God cares and people care. Flee it and shed light on it. The church must fight for the holistic well-being of every life. 

Freed Pastor Andrew Brunson

A truly remarkable story. A pastor, falsely accused, held hostage for two years. Experiencing tremendous suffering, his faith remained and God brought him home. A beautiful moment captured on live television, the rescued (Pastor Brunson) praying for and over the rescuer (President Trump).

How did we get the biblical canon?

Last night, one of our twelfth grade boys asked this question. Armed with a few books, I am currently working on a response. However, I stumbled across this video while searching for seminary scholarships. A well-done, and well-thought out response. 

He is the One: A Hymn

I had the privilege of writing a sermon regarding Lazarus’ resurrection. A truly remarkable account. It is fascinating to see the purpose behind Lazarus’ pain in the narrative. It was a divine set-up plan for God to be glorified! Out of that meditation over the Scriptures, I put pen to paper and wrote this hymn. 

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