The Reason for God: A Book Review

Reasons for Writing

When the skeptic hands his faith-filled friend a Richard Dawkins book, with humility and patience, you could hand them Timothy Keller’s The Reason for God. With philosophical argumentation in his holster, Keller seeks to position faith and doubt, the skeptic and the believer, on equal playing fields. 

His double-edged sword in writing this book is for believers to look for reasons for faith, and skeptics to learn for the type of faith hidden within their reasoning. Keller draws an interesting analogy concerning the existence of doubts emanating from the existence of faith positions. In other words, if one carries doubt concerning Christianity being the “one true religion” this statement is itself an act of faith. No one can prove emphatically or empirically that their position is correct or that it is a universal truth that everyone accepts. 

The Right Way

For Keller, the only true way to scrutinize Christianity fairly is to discern the alternate belief under each doubt and then ask yourself (the reader) why you believe what you believe. In other words, “how do you know your belief is true?” 

It is with this guiding rudder that Keller makes his course. The book is basically divided into two sections. The first half reviews Keller’s seven biggest objections and doubts concerning Christianity from many of the New Yorkers he has ministered to over the years. The author then uncovers the alternate beliefs beneath each of them. Then, in the second half of the book, Tim Keller examines the main reasons underlying Christian beliefs. 

Favorite Chapters

Chapter One – There Can’t Be Just One True Religion

Chapter Two – Christianity is a Straitjacket

Chapter Five – How Can a Loving God Send People to Hell?

Chapter Eight – The Clues of God

Chapter Ten – The Problem of Sin

Chapter Thirteen – The Reality of the Ressurection 

Worth Re-reading

I will be adding this book to my annual reread list alongside of The Holiness of God. I look forward to compiling this annual reread list as I begin this journey of book reviewing. 


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