30 Days to Understanding the Bible: A Book Review

images30 Days to Understanding the Bible

Max Anders’ makes the claim that he can aid the reader in understanding the Bible in only one month. I was skeptical, but then I completed his book 30 Days to Understanding the Bible

The Concept

Anders’ task, concisely stated, is to give the reader an aerial view of Scripture. He describes his approach as the reader sitting in the window of an airplane and peering down at the mountain ranges of the Bible. In other words, the reader will have a large and broad understanding of Scripture. To do this, Anders’ divides the historical timeline of the Bible into twelve different Eras. Each era is associated with a main figure, location, and concludes with a storyline summary. For example, (ERA – Exodus, FIGURE – Moses, LOCATION – Egypt, STORYLINE SUMMARY- Through Moses God delivers the Hebrew people from slavery in Egypt and then gives them the Law). The unique aspect of this book is an ever-repeating, and ever-growing, fill-in-the-blank chart that allows for easy memorization of the information. By the end of the month, you will be able to fill in an entire blank chart complete with twelve eras, twelve figures, twelve locations, and twelve story line summaries. 

The Ten Great Doctrines of the Bible

An additional feature of Anders’ book is a summary of the ten great doctrines of the Bible. Utilizing a similar format, the author breaks each doctrine into four of the great subdivisions within that doctrine. For example, (THE BIBLE – Revelation, Inspiration, Illumination, and Interpretation). He gives a brief summary of each doctrine through its subdivisions, including definitions and central passages that correlate to the subdivisions. 

A Book For Everyone

Very rarely would I suggest a book to all people, but yet that is exactly what Max Anders accomplishes. His summary is both simple and yet complex. He offers geographical maps, genre studies, and visual imagery in both print and picture to aid in your understanding of Scripture. I will pick this book up more than once a year to review the major eras, doctrines, and golden nuggets of information packed in an easy to read, understand, and remember book. I will also recommend and even purchase this book for individuals seeking a better understanding of Scripture.

Purchase: 30 Days to Understanding the Bible, by Max Anders. 


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