Day 4: The LILOE Devotional


“I and the Father are one.” 

John 10:30 

Surrounding Jesus, a group of impatient Jews pressed him to answer their inquiries. Some indicted him as demon possessed while others sought more religious or scientific explanations for his words and miracles. Jesus himself answered their question concerning his identity, “I and the Father are one.” With this statement, the Jews picked up stones and were ready to kill him. With this statement, we pick up our Bibles and affirm who Jesus really is.  

Jesus was saying, in essence, “I am God, whoever sees me has seen my Father.” His disciples described him as the image of the invisible God, the Son of God, and the creator of all things. The Bible declares Jesus’ divinity, spirit in essence, took on the characteristics of humanity and became the God Man. Jesus is both God and man. He was born of a virgin named Mary, and sent to take away the sins of the world. Through the shedding of His blood on the cross, His death was the just punishment and substitution for our sins against God. After spending three days in the grave, He arose by the power of God.  

His resurrection confirmed his identity. He is the God Man. He is the head of the church. He ascended into heaven and will return one day for His people. Then, He will judge all of mankind. He is the coming universal King who will reign forever. In light of eternity, Jesus matters because He is the means to eternity. Jesus matters because He saves people from their sins, and guarantees a place for them in heaven. He is the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father without going through Him.  


  • Confess your sins to God and repent of believing that there is any other way to heaven except through the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ.
  • Post a picture of this devotional with a new status on social media, “In light of eternity, Jesus matters because He is the means to eternity.” #JESUSMATTERS #LILOEDEVO 


Read John 10; John 14. 

Excerpted from The LILOE Devotional, available now on Amazon in both print and digital editions. 


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