A Blueprint for the Bible


On Friday I picked up Max Anders’ book, 30 Days to Understanding the Bible. Though I contemplated doing a book review after finishing it, I was inspired to include a short preview of chapter one. I already recommend this book to anyone hoping to understand the basic framework of the Bible. The author challenges his reader to give fifteen minutes for thirty days to better comprehend and know the structure of Scripture. 

It doesn’t surprise me that I began reading this book moments before beginning construction on our new IKEA dresser. Structure is important for building construction, and a blueprint is included from the Swedish provider of home assembly furniture. Likewise, structure is essential to comprehending the Scripture and Anders’ book is that blueprint. 

Here are some takeaways from the first chapter. 

The Old Testament = 39 Books total comprised of historical, poetical, and prophetical books. 

Historical Books = 17 (Genesis – Esther)

These books tell the story of the Hebrew nation, and a historical timeline for the people of Israel. 

Poetical Books = 5 (Job – Song of Solomon)

Prophetical Books = 17 (Isaiah – Malachi)

Summary of the OT = The Old Testament is the story of God and the Hebrew people, their poets, and prophets. 

The New Testament = 27 Books total comprised of Historical, Pauline Epistles, and General Epistles. 

Historical books = 5 (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and Acts)

These books tell the history of Jesus’ ministry, and the establishment of the church under his disciples. 

Pauline Epistles = 13 (Romans – Philemon)

Letters written by Paul to either churches or individuals. 

General Epistles = 9 (Hebrews – Revelation)

Letters written by various authors to various or general audiences. 

Summary of the NT = The New Testament is the story of Jesus of Nazareth, the Church He founded, and its growth under the leadership of His apostles after His death. 


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