Day 1: The LILOE Devotional


“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.”

Genesis 1:1

With bold declaration, the book of Genesis affirms God is the creator, author, and maker of the heavens and earth. By default, the Bible declares God is the creator of you. Perhaps you are familiar with this sentiment, perhaps you are not. Consider the sheer magnitude of this statement, God created everything. God answers the question, “Where did everything come from?”

When you contemplate the origins of the universe, something created everything. Nothing happens by mere chance. Consider an automobile, the product of both design and manufacturing. In other words, someone made something. In similar fashion, God both designed and manufactured the first man and woman. God even created the manufacturing process that would reproduce more men and women.

When you consider that God both designed and manufactured the universe, a profound truth is hidden in this sentence. What God creates carries incredible purpose. In other words, there is a reason you exist. For example, the manufacturer makes automobiles that drive because the purpose of a car is to do just that. In the same way, creation matters because God is both the designer and manufacturer of mankind. This world was created for a purpose and so were you. Perhaps you thought your life was meaningless, but you are a living example of both the creation and design of God. There is a purpose for your life because creation matters to God. If your life was without purpose, God would not have created you. However, your every breath speaks to the purpose of your design and the Creator behind your creation. 


  • Read through Genesis 1 and 2. Note how many times the phrase, “and God saw that it was good” appears.
  • Pray to God asking for fresh eyes to see your life as purpose-filled, and originally good before sin entered the world. 


    Read Genesis 2.


Excerpted from The LILOE Devotional, available now on Amazon in both print and digital editions. 




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