Top Ten Blog Posts of 2016

Being a newcomer to the blogosphere, I missed the tradition that occurs at the end of every year. Bloggers everywhere post a list of their top ten blogs of the year. This tradition specifically intrigued me because I really like lists. Ask my wife. I write to-do lists on my phone, on paper, and even on old cardboard boxes. I enjoy Sportscenter’s Top Ten Lists and even reading the listing of ingredients on food labels.

So, in case you were curious (or missed some of these the first time around) here are my top ten most viewed blog posts from 2016.

  1. Principles of a Godly Woman. Six principles that guide the life of a godly woman as articulated by the apostle Paul in Titus 2. Also, a birthday tribute to my beautiful wife.  
  2. Can a Christian be Demon Possessed? An extended, and biblical, answer to a question raised during middle school week at Camp Rudolph.
  3. What is the difference between an elder, bishop, and pastor? Part of a blog series concerning church leadership. The answer to this question may surprise you. 
  4. Why Discipline is Good for ChildrenDiscipline is for our good. It is designed, enforced, and entrusted to us by God.
  5. The Christian & Government. What is the relationship between Christians and the government? A short blog post that packs a punch. 
  6. Ten Lessons My Father Taught Me. Written in honor of Father’s Day, this post lists ten lessons my father taught me.
  7. How is the church governed? My very first post since beginning this blog in 2016. 
  8. Baptism: Answering Common Questions. What is baptism? Read and find out. 
  9. Three Steps to Discipline Your Children. A biblical three step process to discipline. 
  10. The Authority to Forgive. A sermon transcript from Mark 2:1-12. 

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