For Men Only: A Book Review


My wife recently gifted me this book, and I am certainly grateful for it. The title clearly indicates the intended audience, and the companion book is addressed to women. For Men Only completes Christian writers Shaunti and Jeff Feldhahn’s practical, needed, and straightforward compendium into the lives of both men and women.

For Men Only is a straightforward guide to women in an easily accessible book with short chapters divided into subsections. A chapter summary guide available inside the front cover provides a great conversation primer with your spouse or significant other concerning the book’s contents.

The advantage of this book is its Christian perspective and the Feldhahn’s research. Jeff and Shaunti’s primary premise is to help men understand the female inner wiring. Utilizing their extensive research, the authors address seven key findings concerning women through surveys and interviews. Though the authors are quick to admit that not every woman will agree to every description of the female mind, they do assert the majority of women will affirm the truths expounded in this book evidenced by their research.

Each chapter is essentially structured in three parts.

  • Why does a woman ________?
  • Here’s why: _________.
  • What to do: __________.

I would personally recommend this book because the course of reading prompted discussion with my spouse concerning her own wiring in relationship to the seven keys. At times the writing articulated her inner wiring exactly. Other chapters needed a minor critique or two due to her unique personal makeup and my wife is always willing to offer clarity regarding her thinking. Much encouragement, laughter, and conversation spurned from reading this book and our marriage is only stronger now because of it. For those reasons alone, I would recommend For Men Only


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