Principles for Christian Dating

Awkward dates. They have happened to many of us. The internet is filled with stories of tremendous failures in the area of courtship. I recently heard the story of one man’s incredible, horrific, and downright awkward first date. For the sake of anonymity, we will name these fateful love birds Sandy and Danny. 

The God-Man Cursed: A Hymn

The sins of man came from that tree

Where the serpent slithered, he first found Eve

He spoke of gods, they counted the cost

With one bite, paradise was lost

What is the Trinity?

Within the context of the church, “trinity” is a word often used to summarize and describe the very person and nature of God. It is a word not found in the Bible. This causes confusion and concern for some, but the biblical truth behind its meaning deems the word appropriate for our understanding. Regarding its definition, the word trinity speaks of “the unity of three” within the person and nature of God. This interpersonal relationship between God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, or the “tri-unity” “three in oneness” of God promotes the use of this word. 

How does the Holy Spirit aid in disciple making?

In 1976, a small, unknown movie, crossed the box office with a measly budget of one million dollars, and a no name actor. Advertising costs for the movie exceeded its entire production value by four hundred percent. It was a hail mary attempt by producers to recoop their money and, they hoped, turn a profit as well. Turn a profit it did,

Book Review: Who Moved My Pulpit? Leading Change in the Church

What is it about?  Thom Rainer asks the question, “Who Moved My Pulpit?” The story behind that question, a true story about a pastor named Derek (really!) revolves around change. It is that topic of change that drives the content of this small, compact, and invaluable book. How does a church leader, regardless of title,…

Book Review: What is a Healthy Church Member?

Thabiti Anyabwile pens this addition of “What is a Healthy Church Member?” as part of the IX Marks publishing relationship with Crossway. Perhaps I read this book out of order, as next on my list is, “What is a Healthy Church?” by Mark Dever. Regardless, the author draws heavily from Dever’s conceptual outline found within “9 Marks of a Healthy Church” published originally in 2004.

The Blessing of Life: A Poem

Time ticks by,
and moments pass along.
By the face of the clock, life is here one minute and then gone.
Those words jarred me awake,
“Dad, it’s really soon.”
My head popped up, family and friends littered the room.
Following that voice, I found my wife lying down.
She was tired, but ready.
My feet trembled on solid ground.
Our two lives intertwined, what seems like decades ago.
We knew that two would become three, if only God said so.

Book Review: The New Rules for Love Sex & Dating

The title of Stanley’s work aptly articulates its subject material. However, I do think it is slightly misleading as the “new rules for love, sex, and dating” are simply grounded in biblical truth. Andy does use his trademark “inductive approach” to give backdoor reasons for following biblical principles for dating. I understand his reasoning for doing this, and do not necessarily agree. However, reading it from a “believer perspective” will be frustrating for some because his primary writing and teaching audience is not “believers” but unbelievers, skeptics, and the disillusioned.