The Mark of the Beast!

It’s designed to look like 3 claw marks. But the video I watched revealed that the “claw marks” each look like the 6th letter of the Hebrew alphabet. Hence, 3 claw marks = 666. You may think you’re merely consuming an energy drink but you’re actually taking the mark of the beast! Or so they say.

I Still Do: Five Years Later

Five years ago (last Saturday, 09/26/2020), Hannah and I engaged in a holy, joyful, beautiful, challenging, and totally-worth-it-wouldn’t-change-it-for-the-world adventure called marriage. I remember waking up to a grayish drizzle of rain outside, much like the weather the past few days. As Hannah slept in our bedroom last week, next to Miles’ crib (#3 of 3 children, 3 and under… spare me the “you know how that happens” jokes…), I began reflecting on our marriage and the lessons we have learned over these past five years.

Book Review: Living By the Book (The Art and Science of Reading the Bible)

Living By the Book is the title and purpose behind Howard Hendrick’s bible study manual. The author’s desire to promote the proper study of Holy Scripture is rooted in the intention of causing life change in every studier. His goal is to combat the many excuses made to avoid Bible study, and to encourage a practice that is often missing in even the most devout Christians and churches (pg. 14).

The God-Man Cursed: A Hymn

The sins of man came from that tree

Where the serpent slithered, he first found Eve

He spoke of gods, they counted the cost

With one bite, paradise was lost

3 Proven Ways to “Grow” Your Youth Ministry — For the Gospel

For decades the American church has sold a shallow “growth strategy” revolving around the notion that teenagers and college students need copious amounts of shenanigans to stay in the church and buy into Christianity. Youth Pastors famously emerged as 20-40-year old men spending their work week working on a promo skit to garner a response, […]…

The antichrist has come!

The antichrist is here! So, can the end be far behind? Many have been looking for the signs that confirm the coming of the antichrist. They anticipate a coming world ruler who will proclaim peace and world unity. He will also rebuild the temple and altar to resume offering sacrifices. Later, he will betray God’s people.

Confronting Sin in Three Words

My Prayer
Blatant sin. Planned disobedience. Explicit movement into a sinful lifestyle. Difficult words to hear from your own flesh and blood. I struggled to pick the right words. I prayed for a changed heart, repentant faith, and blessed obedience. Nothing happened. Then, I prayed for a conversation to occur. Working through my emotions, I pleaded for God to give me a framework to communicate truth in love. Unbeknownst to me, personal bible study days later would unearth the answer to my prayer.

How to Enjoy and Excel in Every Stage of Life.

Hannah turned to me and said, “he will never be a newborn again.” The context of that statement is a sleep-deprived, frenzied survival mode called “newborn boot camp.” We are in the midst of combat training right now. Miles is still adjusting to life. He sleeps when we don’t. He eats whenever he wants. He fails to clean up after himself. He obviously hasn’t grasped hold of reality yet. In the midst of our trying time, Hannah reminded me, “Miles will never be a newborn again.” I am making it my mission to enjoy this stage of life. Is it crazy? Yes. Is it dirty? Undoubtedly. Is it a blessing? Beyond many others.

Monday Motivation

A round-up of last week’s encouraging, motivating, and inspiring internet delights for ministry:

5 Misconceptions About the Pastor’s Wife

Lauren Chandler, a pastor’s wife herself, offers helpful insights into a unique, misunderstood, and sometimes abused person in the church.

Refusing to Social Distance Your Soul

Chrysostom was no stranger to social distancing. Both at will, and executive order of an angry Roman empress, John spent much time in isolation from others. How did this early church father respond to such difficult duress?

He said, “What can I fear? Will it be death? But you know that Christ is my life, and that I shall gain by death. Will it be exile? But the earth and all its fullness are the Lord’s. Poverty I do not fear; riches I do not sigh for; and from death I do not shrink.”  

Book Review: SBC FAQS

Five Insights from SBC FAQs 

The Southern Baptist Convention is governed by the people (churches) and not the authorities (convention entities).  

Growing up in a non-denominational church, the idea of a convention structured denomination was new to me before serving at an SBC church. It is interesting to note the parallels between the convention governing structure and our country’s own democratic government. Each structure is composed of qualified and elected individuals representing larger bodies of individuals. Many checks and balances exist between entities of each governing body preventing dictatorial rule and reign.