Practical Tips on Prayer

Have you ever asked the question, “how should I pray?” 

The disciples did, and Jesus answered them with an outline for prayer including specific words to say. Christians often refer to this as “The Lord’s Prayer” and I have addressed it in my book already. However, regarding structure for a moment, I would like to address another basic model for prayer. Commuting to and from work has allowed me extended time each morning to engage in prayer, and this specific framework has benefited me greatly. 

A Resin & Wood Coffee Table (from Goodview Woodworks)

Hey ya’ll, slightly different blog post here but with a “good” purpose as it is to highlight and promote our friends over at Goodview Woodworks.
They recently blessed us with a FREE coffee table! We are making sure to compensate them for their efforts. However, I am positive it will only be a fraction of the true cost and value for this coffee table. Check out a few pictures below. I think Nora’s face says it all about our pleasure in this new coffee table.

Book Review: The Gospel According to Jesus

What is it about? The Gospel According to Jesus is MacArthur’s attempt to curb the threat of “easy-believism” and drive an understanding of the Gospel as the free gift of salvation that produces a fruit of righteousness in those who believe. In other words, the good news of Jesus Christ produces a “new birth” that…

A New Beginning: Back to Ministry

It has been a year since serving in the context of the local church but the Lord is placing Hannah and I back in ministry. We are excited, humbled, and honored to serve in leadership at Cool Spring Baptist Church in Mechanicsville, VA. I (Derek) have accepted the High School Minister position, and will work with the student ministry team, consisting of both volunteers and staff members, within the ministry. Here are a few of the ways the Lord has proven faithful in providing this opportunity to serve again in ministry.

Book Review: CALVIN for Armchair Theologians

I enjoy perusing a local thrift store because the book selection is much like engaging in a treasure hunt. I believe my wife can relate to me with her enthusiasm for shopping at TJ Maxx. Honestly, you never know what you will find and the hunt is part of the fun. A few months ago, I was very pleased to find a short book (less than 200 pages) that packs a punch of information in the author’s notable, pithy, and memorable way.

Book Review: What is an Evangelical?

When I am reading a rather long book, my heart is often restless in my inability to complete gigantic tasks in short amounts of time. Perhaps this is why I often dread mowing my yard. I recently took a short break from some larger reading plans and opened “What is an Evangelical?“ by D.M. LLoyd…

Preparation for Ministry: A Book Review

Jesus repeatedly exhorted Peter to “feed my sheep” (John 21:15-19) referring to this apostle’s unique role in teaching and proclamation of the Word. 

It is with these verses in mind that we shift to a short review of Allan Harman’s wonderful, and short, book entitled, “Preparation for Ministry” (Banner of Truth Trust). The page count, 117, causes many seminary students and pastors to rejoice. Though short in length, it is pivotal in its considerations of topics concerning the call to ministry, choosing a theological college or seminary, one’s early ministry, and staying renewed and committed after many years of serving. 

Becoming Compatible: A Book Review

My wife and I are blessed with many Christian marriages that encourage, challenge and mentor us. One such couple leads the marriage ministry at our current church. With much gratitude and thanks, we were invited to a wonderful Saturday morning marriage conference, Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage. The speaker, comedian, and pastor, Mark Gungor, provided challenging and insightful wisdom regarding marriage, both founded in Scripture and cloaked in laughter.