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What is the book about? 

Have you ever thought to yourself, “How should I approach dating, sex, friendships, family, or finances?” These life altering questions for a teenager are some of the most challenging and important questions to both ask and answer. Say What? Five Talks Every Teen Needs to Hear seeks to offer answers to future shaping questions through both the dual lenses of God’s Word and the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Who is this book for? 

Say What? is designed for both teens, parents, youth pastors, youth workers, and small group leaders alike. It is a perfect resource for teen-parent conversations, small group settings, personal enrichment, and teaching preparation. 

What is unique about this book?

Each biblical talk is chapter length with concluding discussion questions and practical application steps per each topic. The discussion questions offered (Talk About It) are intended to further aid in conversation around each subject. In addition, practical application steps (Just Do It) follow the discussion questions in order to help apply each talk to any and every reader.  

What are people saying about this book? 

Derek Nicksich does an outstanding job of using humor (just self-deprecating enough) and wisdom to give teenagers advice for navigating the landmines of dating and sex, friendship, family relationships and finances. Never condescending, always empathetic and consistently wise in the contextual application of Scripture, this valuable resource succeeds in engaging the minds and spirits of teenagers searching for the heart of God. It should be required reading for teens and their leaders alike. 

Jill Baughan 

Speaker & Author of Born to Be Wild: Rediscover the Freedom of Fun and Hope Deferred: A Couple’s Guide to Coping with Infertillty 

\This is a great book full of scripture and I, as a teenager, will say that this book has valuable lessons for all teenagers to learn. I recall many phone conversations where Derek, my youth pastor, walked me through the material in this book. It is a great teaching tool, and it has both helped me and taught me a lot. 

Morgan Boschen  

10th Grade Student in High School Trib3 Student Ministries 

Cool Spring Baptist Church 


“If I could have read this book when I was a teen, it may have spared me from years of struggles. Through Biblical truth, engaging stories, and practical advice, Derek explores five crucial topics that often go unaddressed. Derek elevates the name of Jesus and calls a generation to follow Him in practical ways.” 

Ben Bennett, Speaker & Author 

Josh McDowell Ministry 


“I wish every teen would read this book. Derek is a student minister who very creatively speaks to kids about important issues in their life. This book is filled with fun stories, God-honoring insight, challenge and intrigue. It’s a compelling read. Derek is a great writer and communicator and he “gets teens.” 

Jim Burns, PhD. President, HomeWord 

Author of The Purity Code and Understanding Your Teen 

“As a mother of two teenagers and a young adult, this book is a valuable resource. While our culture increasingly rejects the Biblical worldview, Derek writes a practical guide that compels teenagers to follow God’s word. He tackles important questions regarding dating, sex, and relationships with wisdom and the counsel of scripture. It’s a book every Christian parent should read with their teenager!” 

Julie Klose, Blogger & Author 

Giving Hope An Address: The Teen Challenge Legacy Story 

“Derek’s deep knowledge and love for teens shines through in this book with engaging stories that make his points memorable.  It is impactful, concise, and easy to read; biblically-based and practical for today; challenging and relatable.  This book, including discussion questions and action points, will be a blessing for teens and their parents who read it, discuss it, and apply its precepts.”  

Phillip M. Gerk, Pharm.D., Ph.D.  

Father of three teenagers. Associate Professor (VCU) 


“Having worked with teenagers for several years now, I am constantly looking for biblically-sound and relevant resources. Written with the teenager in mind, Say What? is undoubtedly a resource that meets this criteria. Derek incorporates wisdom, life experience, and humor to address real topics, such as dating and family matters, that teens deal with everyday. In a culture that seeks truth in a myriad of places, Derek wisely begins and ends with scripture, acknowledging that Christ is the ultimate source of truth.” 

David Moore, Middle School Minister 

Cool Spring Baptist Church 


“I wish this book was around when I was raising teens! But then, my son is the author so I guess he learned a few things about these sensitive topics. As both a Minister and Writer (not merely as a Father) I recommend this book.  Don’t know where to start addressing tough topics?  Here’s five talks to strengthen your family and help prepare your teens for life.” 

 Dan Nicksich, Senior Minister

Vanville Church of Christ  


“In today’s permissive culture both teens and their parents need help to hold on to their Christian values and resist the attacks of a godless culture.   Derek’s book provides that much needed assistance.  Easy to read, engaging and on point, both parents and teens will be encouraged and emboldened to live more Christlike lives.” 
Bob Russell, Retired Senior Minister 
Southeast Christian Church 

Author of After Fifty Years of Ministry and When God Builds a Church 


So often, Christian teens are told messages by the world that conflict with what God wants for their lives. Derek, my youth pastor, is a great writer and shares his advice in a non-judgmental, straightforward way indicating the serious impact of their decisions.  His work gives teens like me a road map showing us how to serve Jesus in every area of our lives and inspiring us to do so.   

Ryan Sherrill  

10th Grade Student in High School Trib3 Student Ministries 

Cool Spring Baptist Church 


“If you are going to say something to influence a teen today, it better be humorous, clear, and concise.  Derek’s five simple messages are like perfectly crafted Instagram posts: They make you look and then want to pass them on.  From his sticky stories to his simple applications, these messages will point teens to God’s will… and that is a point our world desperately needs to get!” 

 Jeff Walling 

Director, Youth Leadership Initiative 

Pepperdine University 

Author of Daring to Dance with God and Until I Return