The God-Man Cursed: A Hymn

The sins of man came from that tree

Where the serpent slithered, he first found Eve

He spoke of gods, they counted the cost

With one bite, paradise was lost

Keep Telling It.

“Mr. Derek, will you tell us a Bible story?”
I hear that question pretty often. At least a couple times a week. It comes from the children we watch at our home in the morning before the school bus arrives. One particular morning, I was pouring cereal for a few of them, and thinking about the last time I shared a Bible story per their request. It had been awhile. As I was thinking about that last request, another thought popped into my mind. “Derek, this is your mission field.” Now, you have to understand that I serve as a high school minister at a large Baptist church near Richmond, VA. Some would say I am already “on the mission field” which is true, but this is different. God has blessed Hannah and I with a second source of income (much needed by us) of watching these kids, and the opportunity to tell these children about the love of God, the reality of sin, and the love of God displayed through Jesus Christ to bring sinners out of the clutches of Satan, selfishness, and separation from God.

The Battle for Truth: A Poem

A figure emerged, regal and serene.
His thoughts were compiled behind eyeglasses that sheen.
He straightened his tie when the clock struck nine.
He smiled at the thought of his scheduled time.
The masses approached, led like cattle to slaughter.

Everywhere: A Hymn

Based on Psalm 139
Verse 1
You know when I lie down,
and you know when I arise.
You know when I think of you,
and you know when I cry.
You know when I run away,
You know when I kneel and call.
Before a word is on my lips,
God you know them all.

In the Fig Tree: A Hymn

In the quiet of the day
Before the sun awakes
I meet with you there
With you my heart will stay

Come and See: A Poem

Jesus turned and said to me
Your life will be changed if you but follow
That day I walked with the Rabbi
It was as plain to me
I ran for Nathaniel, my friend, to come
The Messiah, I wanted him to see

Jesus Christ: A Poem

He was born of a virgin with no sin in his mouth.
He came as a suffering servant, crucified guilty though Pilate had his doubts.
He rolled the stone away from that grave.
With His life our sins were paid.

Nahum: Character, Conduct, and Comfort

I would like to speak to you from the subject, “Character, Conduct, and Comfort”
What the prophet Nahum will do is ground us in the character of God… then illuminate the conduct of God, that flows from His character, and in so doing… we will be comforted… just as the people of Judah were comforted… we will be comforted by both the character and the conduct of God.